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Welcome to the Knight Age WikiEdit

This is the wiki for Knight Age, a book I am writing. Feel free to use the anime or drawings on this wiki, and to leave me feedback :)

Feedback :

ITS ME , Make a account named Elzar (Means Gods Friend) I Have a friend like that , Act Hyper Yet Calm to Alertings.

Knight Age : ResurrectionEdit

Thousands of years ago, the people of the Seven Baronies of Galloria were under attack. The Knights of the Black Sun, led by the Arch Wizard, Erronos, successfully took four of the baronies before a new order formed to defeat them : the Knights Templar. The Templars succeeded where the different armies of the Baronies could not, they successfully laid siege to the Castle Du Veri, and killed Erronos, known from then as the Shadow King. With that, Erronos's Kingdom was split into three baronies, and the Ten Baronies were then unified by the Treaty of Castle Du Veri :

1. The Templars were absorbed into the Church of Saint Malifen. They became the Church's agents. They would also keep watch on the Wizard Council and Wizards would be under their power throughout the Baronies.

2. The Wizard Council would have a chapter in EVERY Barony. They would exist in a fortress guarded by the Templars. At 15 - 20, they would go to Justice Rock in the barony of High Horaale.

3. Justice Rock would be formed. A university in the central barony. Justice Rock would have a Temple School for Priests and poets, a Battleschool for those becoming Guards or Warriors, a Knight School for those joining the Templars, a Engineer School, and the Wizard School, among others.

And other, more minor Treaties.

However, three baronies : New Gaelyan, Reddington, and Dayllow kept independance from the Knights.

When an attack on East Hills Barony from a mysterious force of Black Armored Knights happens, no one knows what to think. Is the Shadow King returning? When Templars start to occupy New Gaelyan and Dayllow, tensions rise. With Erronos attacking, and the Wizards and Templars fighting, will it be an all out war?

Three Students at Halting Steam University in New Gaelyan will decide the future :

Vivian Karn, a young student at the Knight School trying to join the secret police of the Templars, the Seekers of Purity, finds a forgotten blade in a lost armory. When he pulls it from the stone, the castle he is in collapses, leaving a secret path to a hidden, and abandoned Templar Outpost. When he finds the armor of the Seekers, he disguises himself as a Templar to live out his dream. Will he abandon his friends at the school, or stay to protect the school?

William Mysterk of the Wizard School is the son of the Arch Wizard. He finds a powerful artifact when investigating a collapsed tower that (unbeknowst to him) Vivian collapsed. He has a choice. Will he use the stone to defend the school, or to destroy the Templars?

Dralia Du Veri is a student at the priest school. Her real identity is Hyllia Gael, daughter of the baron. She was sent to the school to protect her from being taken hostage by the Knights or Wizards. She has a long road ahead of her, as someone discovers her secret. Will she do the mysterious Patron's demands? Or reveal the truth?

Things we have worked on...Edit

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